Claudia is seeking a literary agent to represent these unpublished novels. 

House of Our Dreams


When Serena Diaz-Verson rediscovers the dilapidated 1820s house built by her Spanish ancestors, she is determined to restore its thick-walled rooms and tile courtyard. But her brother, father, and aunt each have their own conflicting plans for capitalizing on the valuable property on the California coast. Little does Serena know how some of these cherished relationships will be threatened by her infatuation with the house and her collaboration with a headstrong contractor bent on historical accuracy.

Serena’s quest to rebuild the historic adobe collides with her tumultuous love life. She feels smothered by her fiancé’s devotion and expectations, and she gravitates instead to his brother, a charismatic tennis champion. Creigh Walker can’t suppress his enthusiasm for life, nor his reckless impulses--and Serena just can’t resist him. To sustain the tenuous relationship, she’ll have to compromise her beliefs about love and happily ever after. But can she sacrifice the family homestead when her aspirations collide?

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My Monterey

At 34, Corina Vargas is by far the youngest member of the County Board of Supervisors in Monterey – and the only woman. A vegetarian and environmental crusader, can she make her mark in a land of cowboy boots and good ol’ boy politics? She intends to try, and she’ll get some help from a group of zealous activists, her busybody aunt, and Mark Wells, the bright County official with whom she falls in love.


The stakes are high when a moth infestation threatens to obliterate the region's crops and a hazardous pesticide-spraying program is commenced. Corina must decide whether to champion the anti-spraying crusade or stand with the farmers. She quickly realizes that the line between right and wrong is blurrier than she imagined when some activists turn to eco-terrorism to win the day.

Older and wiser, Mark mentors Corina in her new career, but spurns her romantic overtures. A relationship between an elected Supervisor and County staffer won’t fly in insular Monterey County. When Corina and Mark decide to collaborate to build farmworker housing, their relationship and her career take off in a new, inspired direction. 

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